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TinyUmbrella is a licensed free software or application, which is kept under the iPhone tools, and the firmware umbrella develops it. It is a small but very highly recommended tool. It is a tool, which help to restore the iPhone’s older firmware. TinyUmbrella is a vey helpful application, which is developed especially for users who want to download and save the SHSH blobs of their iOS devices. Developer CoolStar has provided some timely updates on the progress of the iOS 11.3.1 jailbreak which will come in the form of an updated version of the Electra jailbreak toolkit.. When CoolStar first announced that he had all of the necessary components to create an iOS 11.3.1 jailbreak, he also confirmed that the original release of Electra had been somewhat of a public relations nightmare I have 11.3.1 version on my phone jailbroken with latest Electra 1.0.2 IPA. Can I downgrade back to ios 10.3.3?? Is it possible? I have 10.3.3 SHSH2 bloobs saved. OTA method not worked for me. I have changed .plist file but not success. Please somebody help with tutorial or even the answer of possible or not. Thanks Today we got a new method to Downgrade with OTA blobs to iOS 10.3.3 without SHSH iPhone 5S. About two years after Apple stopped signing iOS 10.3.3 it is again possible to return to iOS 10 thanks to a script created by the Reddit user _matty.

Step by Step Guide to save iOS 11.3.1 SHSH blobs Tutorial: STEP 1: Get ECID. Plug your iOS device to the computer. Launch iTunes and click on Summary in the left-hand pane. Click on the Serial number field in the Summary tab until you see the ECID. Right-click on it and copy it to the clipboard. STEP 2: Get Device Identifier

A new method of backing up the newer SHSH blob files (SHSH2) has now been released. A tool named Prometheus made by iOS developer tihmstar has been released. This tool is able to restore 64-bit iOS devices that are jailbroken, to unsigned iOS versions (provided you have SHSH2 blobs for that version). Apple just released iOS 12 and now it’s time to save your iOS 11.4.1 SHSH2 Blobs. If you want a Jailbreak for iOS 11.4.1 in the feature or simple make a downgrade/upgrade to this version you need to have your SHSH2 Blobs.. Whats the meaning of SHSH2 Blobs? With saved SHSH2 Blobs it is possible to make a downgrade or an upgrade to the version from which you saved the Blobs. That's all about how to save/download SHSH blobs for iOS 12/11/10.3.3/10.3.2, now you can prepare for the coming iOS 12 and iOS 11.4/11.3/11.2/11.1. and get opportunity for downgrade and restore to the old version. A new method of backing up the newer SHSH blob files (SHSH2) has now been released. A tool named Prometheus made by iOS developer tihmstar has been released. This tool is able to restore 64-bit iOS devices that are jailbroken, to unsigned iOS versions (provided you have SHSH2 blobs for that version). There are reports that PanGu might soon release an iOS 10.3.1 jailbreak. If you are interested in jailbreaking your iPhone, iPad or iPod touch then you should save SHSH2 blobs of your device. Saving the SHSH blobs will make it possible for you to upgrade or downgrade to the iOS version for that particular iOS version […] Click the Download ZIP button to download your SHSH blobs. Follow iClarified. Comments (4) Add Comment. sectum sempra - September 3, 2018 at 9:54am. hi i want to save the blobs for ios 12 beta

Script to easily downgrade your iPhone/iPad with SHSH blobs using checkm8 Going to iOS 11.3.1 from iOS 11.1.2 manually setting 11.4.1's SEP/BASEBAND.

How to Save iOS 11.3.1 SHSH blobs for iPhone and iPad in 3 Easy Steps. If this is the case, use one of the alternative methods below. Select the latest version and then tap Save. Comex is the guy behind Spirit, an. You can also send your blobs to Cydia using software such as TinyUmbrella, iFaith and Redsn0w. See tutorial here - This tutorial The signing window for iOS 10.2.1 could close any moment now, what with the upcoming release of iOS 10.3, so this is your last chance to save your blobs for iOS 10.2.1, or to downgrade to it from the iOS 10.3 betas. Download Links to Save A12 SHSH2 iOS 12.1.1 Beta 3 Blobs. Website tool to actually save blobs (click/tap here). Stek29 Nonce Setter iOS 12 for A12 (click here on PC/Mac). Understanding SHSH2 Blobs. In a nutshell, SHSH and SHSH2 blobs refer to digital signatures that Apple employs to make specific IPSW files, better known as iOS software, for each of the device they make. This method ensures that only trusted software is installed on their iPads, iPhones, and iPod touches. With TinyUmbrella tool, you can easily save iOS 11.1.2 SHSH blob that will let you downgrade your iPhone/iPad to iOS 11.1.2 from iOS 11.2 or iOS 11.2.2. iOS 11.1.2 is famous these days because of availability of jailbreak tool like LiberiOS and Houdini11. Once you are done with backup, follow the steps below to restore your iDevice to iOS 11.3.1 using BLOBS: Download iOS 11.3.1 IPSW. Download futurerestore and noncereboot1131. Install the noncereboot1131 code on your iPhone/iPad using Xcode project. Congratulations! You have successfully restore or downgraded your iPhone/iPad to iOS 11.3.1. In this step by step article, I will let you know how you can save SHSH2 BLOBS for downgrading iOS versions for future jailbreaks. I am sharing two methods to save SHSH blobs.If you jailbreak your device, this is an important step. Because in case you lose to jailbreak or boot loop your device, these blobs will let you downgrade or restore in the future.

Here I am giving you the download link for iFaith v1.4 which can work for iOS 3.x.x to 5.0.1 for iPhone, iPad and iPod Touch. IFaith is a good tool because iFaith can dump SHSH blobs for currently installed version of iOS over your iDevice…

A tool to save your SHSH2 blobs online without using the CLI.

If you want to Download TinyUmbrella to Jailbreak iDevices and which is most popular tools which can Save SHSH Blobs on Windows and Mac Computers. This method uses a tool incuded within winocm’s ios-kexec-utils. The tool, kloader, is a CLI that you can run on an iOS device that loads an (decrypted) image. Download TinyUmbrella for Mac or Windows to save SHSH Blobs for iPhone, iPad and iPod Touch if you want to downgrade the iOS version. Tihmstar has released a downgrade/upgrade tool Prometheus for iOS 10. You can jailbreak iOS 10.1.1 without having to perform the update now. Beehind new software to downgrade without SHSH Beehind is a windows software from italian developer who create this project to downgrade ios 8, ios 9 ios 10 Using TinyUmbrella you can save SHSH blobs for iPhone 4, 3GS, 3G, iPad, iPod Touch 4G, 3G, 2G and AppleTV 2g. Save SHSH blobs with TinyUmbrella for iPhone, iPod Touch, iPad. MuscleNerd reminded the Jailbreaking community that you cannot save SHSH blobs once on iOS 5 firmware. Additionally you can not downgrade on iOS 5 firmware.

Always Save Blobs/SHSH/SHSH2 Latest Firmware iOS. Blobs akan berguna Setelah itu klik save shsh to server, dan tinggal klik download shsh file from server. Voila! berhasil downgrade dari 11.3.1 ke unsigned 10.2.

Hey guys, now that iOS 11.3.1 isn't being signed anymore, you 'have' to use futurerestore in order to restore / upgrade to it. So in this tutorial, we will be using encounter's fork of Futurerestore and noncereboot1131 tool. This, of course needs a paid developer account unfortunately. Let us begin. Step 1: Download Futurerestore and Since this is a public release, you can download and install it directly via OTA. If for some reason you want to upgrade via computer, download the appropriate IPSW file below and fire up iTunes. iOS 11.3.1 IPSW Download It is always a good practice to save SHSH blobs, so you can use tools like Prometheus (futurerestore) tool to upgrade or downgrade to iOS 11.3.1 when Apple stops signing iOS 11.3.1 firmware file like restoring to unsigned iOS 11.1.2 firmware. If you want to jailbreak iOS 11, then you should downgrade to iOS 11.1.2 while Apple is still signing the iOS 11.1.2 firmware file. It is also a good practice to save SHSH blobs, so you can use tools like Prometheus tool (when it is updated for iOS 11) to downgrade to iOS 11.1.2 when Apple stops signing iOS 11.1.2 firmware file. I just downgraded my iPad Pro to iOS 11.3.1 and saved my SHSH Blobs for my iPhone. If you haven’t already done that, make it quick. For more jailbreak tips and tutorials, give us a like on Facebook and Twitter.